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15 Apr

Welcome to my blog.

Until recently, I just didn't have a need for my website. I began to realize that I need to brand my self and my company will follow so here it is.

19 Apr

Job Hunt 2012

I've been on a quest to find a job in California, namely the Bay Area for a couple of months now simply for the benefit of something new and I really want to live in the Bay Area. Another major motivator is to allow my wife to stay home with my son for the next couple of years until he starts up school. I've been blessed with the opportunity and ability to be a stay at home dad now for 5 years all whilst starting and running a successful business.

I'm a technology junkie, and the opportunities are almost limitless, unless you're me apparently.

21 Oct


So it's been crazy that's all I can say. I'm updating this blog simply for the point of updating. I don't have time to give you a great long post about what's been going on so please feel free to follow me on Twitter or on Facebook to stay up to date with what's going on. Thanks for visiting.
04 May

Falling into place

I had a great trip to San Francisco for DrupalCon and met some folks that have been influential to my Drupal experience which was very cool. The Drupal community is like the group of friends you had in high school that you still talk to, good people with a drive for helping others and a friendship that isn't easily forgotten.
13 Apr

Very clear Apple could care less about developers

in #fail, apple, appstore, iTunes
Below you will find an email to and a response from Apple regarding my inquiry as to why our app fOtOeDgEsHD wasn't appearing on the iPad device even after adhering to their submission guidelines for having an app in the iPad AppStore Launch. 
03 Apr

I'm going to DrupalCon

This last week was very exciting because I made the decision to attend DrupalCon 2010 San Francisco

07 Mar

Aspiring to become a Rubyist is difficult

So I've been spending shit ton of time reading about Ruby programming language more so lately than in the year since the last Mountain West Ruby Conference and it's a real struggle for me. The reading is difficult not having any previous background in programming aside from a Java class that I didn't finish in college. Although it is probably one of the easier languages to learn, and read it still hasn't reached the AhHa moment just yet.
23 Feb

Wow so much for posting more often

Alright well....
I at least have a pretty good reason for not posting lately, business has been nutz, the new baby a blast,and life just crazy to say the least. Parker is getting so big too fast. He has started smiling and everyday he want's more milk each time he eats. 

02 Dec

We have a new family member

Parker Joshua Needham

Born: December 1, 2009 3:53pm

20" Long 7lbs. 1oz.

19 Oct

Summers Gone

Well summer came and went but not without some highlights to go along with it that's for sure.


App Ventures, LLC had a very successful summer, and business is only getting better. We are currently working on our 13th app I believe, and the customers couldn't be happier with what we have produced.