Aspiring to become a Rubyist is difficult

07 Mar
So I've been spending shit ton of time reading about Ruby programming language more so lately than in the year since the last Mountain West Ruby Conference and it's a real struggle for me. The reading is difficult not having any previous background in programming aside from a Java class that I didn't finish in college. Although it is probably one of the easier languages to learn, and read it still hasn't reached the AhHa moment just yet.

Definitely looking forward to joining the hackfest if there is one this year simply because of the people who attend and their willingness to help others in the community. This alone is one of the reason why I wanted to pursue learning Ruby on a serious level. There is no replacement for solid help when you really need it and the Ruby community is probably one of the most outgoing to help others of all programming languages.

On to the family life which is nothing short of amazing is going very good, things with the business are a bit irritating, but everything is working out great, and I'm still not going to be looking for a JOB working for someone else anytime soon which is still the most liberating feeling in the world for someone such as myself who is not really one to take orders. LOL

Everyday Parker gets chunkier I swear, and Mickayl definitely gets smarter. My wife and I have truly been blessed with two perfect children that amaze us both every day. 

Want to say thanks to all who are helping me through learning Ruby including member of Utah Ruby Users Group[URUG], and the individuals on the IRC channel #ruby-lang, #ruby, #RubyonRails without all of you I probably wouldn't be as interested in learning ruby as I am.