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18 Aug

What a FAST summer so far

Oh man has this summer flown by like a blink of an eye it's almost over. I've been super busy with App Ventures, LLC projects and completely missed posting something in July. This is not a bad thing but I sure hope to find the time to invest a bit more into posts here as this is my spot.


22 Jun

Impatiently awaiting delivery of "My Dream Machine"

My business is rocking and I signed an awesome partnership agreement last week that will provide a great opportunity for my family to eventually buy our own house.

It took awhile for my business to pick up but it's finally happening, and we couldn't be happier. The first part of 2009 was a bit rough after being laid off from my management position at the wireless phone store but getting back on track has happened and life is starting to get a lot better.

16 Jun

Getting flack on Facebook now to explain

Alright so this is a post for all of you who wonder or mumble under your breath, WTF is he talking about. Most of my friends and family on Facebook are a bit confused about what the hell I'm talking about and I'm going to write a little post as to exactly what's going on.
Here we go,

31 May

Turning 30 never felt so good, I love my life

Lately I've been super busy with projects, and customer service. I also had the opportunity to take a vacation up to Seattle, and mixed business with pleasure which was a great time.
I turned 30 yesterday!
Business is coming along nicely, and the bills are getting paid so I'm not going to be complaining about much for now. Turning 30 was just another day besides having dinner with family and friend which I must say happened more than it does.

16 May

50 years old, busy business, slow decisions and bills

We celebrated my fathers 50th today although not officially until the 18th of May and it was great!
It was a surprise party and he was certainly surprised because he actually had no idea, and there were a lot of people that showed up for the party. When it was time to leave my daughter decided she wanted to spend the night with Jesse who is my dads girlfriends daughter that lives at my dads house.

11 May

Video comes to JoshuaNeedham[dot]com

 I'm not really sure how this will all pan out but I've been meaning to get on this video content wagon for quite sometime and here it is as well as I!

I'm really looking forward to connecting with all of you on a totally different level than that prior to this evening. I hope you like my video's and look forward to some great content.


Joshua Needham

07 May

Server moves and site building extravaganza

I signed up with Media Temple(MT) hosting last month in hopes of more features from my hosting company, fortunately I didn't move more than a couple of domains over to (MT) and I'm especially happy that I didn't cancel my Hostgator account.

06 May

New company with bigger dreams

I recently added App Ventures, LLC to my list of companies that I own. I think the name accurately portrays one aspect of my business model that includes providing services and support to those looking to break into the iPhone application market.

The company profile can be viewed via http://AppVenturesLLC.Com where I break down exactly what I offer in the iPhone realm.

30 Apr

Crazy business, iPhone apps, and getting girls

You are probably wondering what the last part of the title is all about, and I'll get to that, but first I want to discuss the pains of being an entrepreneur, and working alone.
The last couple of day have really been a wake up call with regards to how I'm running my business, and how it needs to be run. Basically without the basic system I'm going to discuss you don't have a chance at building a proper business that involves project management, lead generation, development, web design, etc...

25 Apr

Theme customization is so much fun

 I recently updated my theme colors. I really like the boldness of white text on a black background, and the blue links complete the look and feel.
It's much better than the plain white that was here before, and simply changing these elements bring a somewhat custom look to the site without have any additional fancy graphics for which I'm certainly not know for.
Integrating advertising is going to be a bit of a challenge but I have no plans on integrating any of that at the moment because I'm not much of an ad clicker myself.