Joshua Needham's blog

25 Apr

Not much going on

Hello all,
Alright so it's been a couple of days since my last post, not much has happened but I've managed to get in front of a few more clients who are interested in developing iPhone applications so that's a good thing.
I've also been spending a lot of time working through building Drupal based websites, and I really enjoy the challenge. The real challenge at hand currently is dealing with my wife whom is sick a lot lately due to the pregnancy, I feel bad for her.

18 Apr

Weekend of fun, and nice weather

Last night was a fun time at the old man poker game, the reason I call it the old man poker game is they are all older than me :) but I always have a great time. I was able to make it out with what I put in, but I also hustled up tool sales(explanation may be provided later) which was nice because a truck full of tools is wasted space, and useless inventory.