Falling into place

04 May
I had a great trip to San Francisco for DrupalCon and met some folks that have been influential to my Drupal experience which was very cool. The Drupal community is like the group of friends you had in high school that you still talk to, good people with a drive for helping others and a friendship that isn't easily forgotten.

To touch on the title of this post, it's in reference to pretty much everything going on in life and in business which I guess you could say in somewhat one in the same. Being self-employed doesn't leave much room for separation of the two that's for certain. On the business front I am happy to say things are going great with every month building on the previous and the work I've been putting in over the last year is definitely paying. The family is as good as ever with Parker getting bigger every day, Mickayl getting smarter, and Shasta still putting up with my shit what more could I ask for. 

Friday I am going in for meniscectomy which should be tons of fun, not really looking forward to it that's for sure. 

Alright well it's movie time with the family so until next time, Cheereo.........