I'm going to DrupalCon

03 Apr

This last week was very exciting because I made the decision to attend DrupalCon 2010 San Francisco

Although I probably could have spent the money on a ton of other things I consider this to be a business investment and the knowledge I gain for this will be worth far more than the amount I had to shell out to attend which is a little more than $800 not including food or entertainment while I'm there.

I had planned on attending the DC event last year but finances just didn't allow it but with a successful Q1 this year for App Ventures, LLC I figure it's time to reinvest some cash back into the business and what better way than paying for a trip to San Francisco for a week of full on Drupal training. 

Along with the conference I decided to pay for the hands on training event offered by Lullabot that is specifically for theming of Drupal websites which is one area that I really am interested in and probably one of the most in demand areas of Drupal web development.

When I told my mom that I was going she hopped online and found me a room at the WorldMark Downtown location that is actually an old hotel completely remodeled for WorldMark members and it saved me about $200 or so for lodging. Thanks Ma!

So if you're reading this and attending the conference as well feel free to drop me a line on Twitter  and we can get some coffee or something. One thing that will be tough is being away from the family for so long. Being a stay at home dad makes it harder to leave for 6 days and not see the kids, and I'll miss Shasta too.

Well that's enough for today, it's time to put in some more time with App-Company.com.