50 years old, busy business, slow decisions and bills

16 May

We celebrated my fathers 50th today although not officially until the 18th of May and it was great!
It was a surprise party and he was certainly surprised because he actually had no idea, and there were a lot of people that showed up for the party. When it was time to leave my daughter decided she wanted to spend the night with Jesse who is my dads girlfriends daughter that lives at my dads house.
Although I do miss her, it's certainly an enjoyable evening at home alone with the wife, and beings that Shasta has been sick lately it's actually quite a relief because not only have I been mister mom during the day but when Shasta gets home from work she usually doesn't feel well and I continue to be mister mom for the remainder of the evening until Mickayl falls asleep.
Shasta misses her so much that she had me call to see how she was doing, and apparently she isn't missing us quite as much, LOL kids never do. I'm really hoping I don't get called out to my dads house later this evening when Mickayl decides she doesn't want to stay at papa Buds house anymore.
Things have been pretty crazy to say the least, and the bills are really starting to pile up from being unemployed. I have roughly $50k out in proposals but they just aren't turning over quickly enough, and I'm really starting to get stressed from all the collectors calling but I'm confident that within a week I'll be able to get caught up and more but it's all reliant on potential customers and whether or not they want my to secure application development services through my newly formed company App Ventures, LLC
My first iPhone application iSEO continues to bring in a steady stream of sales but the numbers are weak to say the least but steady. It will all add up, and it provides a great opportunity to showcase my company's validity of an application development company. I continue to get a steady stream of potential customers providing information via the form on iPhoneAppBids.Com which is very nice because the more proposals in the pipeline to more opportunity I have to secure clients, and in the end pay my bills. 
Well back to work for now.
Thanks again for reading my blog, and have an awesome day.
Joshua Needham