Turning 30 never felt so good, I love my life

31 May

Lately I've been super busy with projects, and customer service. I also had the opportunity to take a vacation up to Seattle, and mixed business with pleasure which was a great time.
I turned 30 yesterday!
Business is coming along nicely, and the bills are getting paid so I'm not going to be complaining about much for now. Turning 30 was just another day besides having dinner with family and friend which I must say happened more than it does.
App Ventures, LLC is not a legitimate registered iPhone Developer Program participant which makes company number two on the books, and we are preparing to launch our first managed application which is going to awesome, and I'll be adding another icon to the right sidebar ===>>> and if you haven't checked out what we have already put out with the other company, feel free to click the icons which will take you directly to iTunes AppStore page.
A glimpse of the new app going up for review will be provided as soon as the screencast is complete which I'm hoping will be tonight as I want to submit it for review tomorrow.
We are also ramping up development on another client app that we won't be managing which is hopefully going to take over the market share for it's particular app category, and more will come of it soon. 
I'm looking forward to potential partnerships with a couple of different companies as of now but more research and discussions are going to have to take place before any final decisions are made. I'm meeting with a friend about securing some investment funding for an app/web integration I have been scheming up for a couple of months now. Looking forward to sharing my passion with a friend and hopefully moving forward with development on that project soon. 
I'm going to say bye for now but will be back soon to announce the submission of "Chakralign" in the AppStore, followed by the release once accepted. 
Joshua Needham