Getting flack on Facebook now to explain

16 Jun

Alright so this is a post for all of you who wonder or mumble under your breath, WTF is he talking about. Most of my friends and family on Facebook are a bit confused about what the hell I'm talking about and I'm going to write a little post as to exactly what's going on.
Here we go,
I want to first explain why there are so many post on my Facebook feed, it's because I have linked my main Twitter account(I have 9 at the time of writing) which is which I post to multiple times a day and it's pretty much my day by day blog where as this is my when I have time blog so basically my Twitter feed tells you what I'm doing all the time.
If you are wondering what I'm talking about when posting to Twitter it's mostly business related. My business at the moment is iPhone Application development which I have built to a successful venture that's more than paying the bills now and I love every minute of it.
See I've done a lot of things through out my working life so far, everything from washing dishes at Jeremiah's to babysitting inmates who had kitchen staff privileges at Multnomah County Jail in Portland, Oregon to spending 8 1/2 years working for the Internal Revenue Service.
I have always loved computers, and I've attempted employment with various computer companies but without any actual degree it's a pretty tough market out there, and a lot of damn smart people with degrees. It's not that I'm not intelligent it's just that I've never been a big fan of school, or learning from a book, so to find something that I'm successful at and I enjoy is a great thing.
So back to what I'm posting about on my Twitter account which eventually shows up via my Facebook feed are various topics regarding my business which again include iPhone development, web design & development, landing clients from various resources mainly http://iPhoneAppBids.Com which is a website I built to generates sales prospects that I call and sale my various services too. It's been very successful this far and it's getting to be better every day. 
I was recently approached and offered a partnership opportunity involving iPhone developer networks and a central location to find them which will prove to be a very lucrative ongoing residual income opportunity for years to come. 
So next time you are reading some of the crazy shit I post via Twitter just remember that whatever it is it's more than likely making me money. If you every have any questions about what I post feel free to hit me up and I'll be more than happy to explain exactly what I'm talking about.
Joshua Needham