Impatiently awaiting delivery of "My Dream Machine"

22 Jun

My business is rocking and I signed an awesome partnership agreement last week that will provide a great opportunity for my family to eventually buy our own house.

It took awhile for my business to pick up but it's finally happening, and we couldn't be happier. The first part of 2009 was a bit rough after being laid off from my management position at the wireless phone store but getting back on track has happened and life is starting to get a lot better.

With the leads coming in from steadily, and word of mouth from previous clients every thing's going to be okay. With my partnership that App Ventures, LLC entered into last week I was able to order a new computer for business use, and the requirement for an iPhone App that allowed the purchase of the new 3Gs iPhone made it possible to stay on top of the newest in iPhone technologies.

This is "My Dream Machine"

© Apple, Inc


I'm so excited to get this new computer I can hardly contain myself to say the least, and work is going to be so much easier when I can consolidate my work onto one computer. Having to use a separate computer to compile all the applications we are developing has been such a pain!

Well this week is going to be another great week with new leads, and current projects getting wrapped up, and development starting on other projects. I'm hoping to get an interview with a local technology news anchor which will be awesome for business. I'll keep everyone updated on that.

Joshua Needham