Weekend of fun, and nice weather

18 Apr

Last night was a fun time at the old man poker game, the reason I call it the old man poker game is they are all older than me :) but I always have a great time. I was able to make it out with what I put in, but I also hustled up tool sales(explanation may be provided later) which was nice because a truck full of tools is wasted space, and useless inventory.
Stopped by my grandmothers house to drop off some vacuum attachments for a Kirby vacuum I purchased for her so she could vacuum her house. Her previous vacuum was not self propelled which made it very difficult and painful for her to clean and she needed a solution so I bought her a nice Kirby that is much easier and more enjoyable for her to use.
I'm just heading out for some lunch with the Shasta(wife) & Mickayl(3 yr old daughter) which is going to keep this post short but just wanted to get my activities out for you to enjoy reading about.
It's a beautiful day here in Ogden, UT and I'm going to take full advantage.
I'm out, but stay tuned for more from me in the coming days and week, and check out the blog as I'm going to start creating a theme for it and make it look nice.