Crazy business, iPhone apps, and getting girls

30 Apr

You are probably wondering what the last part of the title is all about, and I'll get to that, but first I want to discuss the pains of being an entrepreneur, and working alone.
The last couple of day have really been a wake up call with regards to how I'm running my business, and how it needs to be run. Basically without the basic system I'm going to discuss you don't have a chance at building a proper business that involves project management, lead generation, development, web design, etc...
I was feverishly searching for something to keep track of leads, clients, projects, and developers when I hit a wall with my current system which was none existent until today.
I started using Tracks which is a Rails based web application to help you implement David Allen's Getting Things Done™ methodology.
You see without some sort of system that helps you GET THINGS DONE, you're leaving money on the table and probably wasting your precious time which truly the only thing you have. It's not that I wasn't getting things done, but the list things that need to be done was getting to long to remember in my head.
So lately I've been living in an iPhone app world. Whether it be trying to secure new development projects, deal with my own application, or putting together my upcoming info product and video tutorial product iPhone App Riches I'm literally breathing iPhone apps. 
Tonight I'm actually putting together a pre-launch campaign where I'm offering a free 58 minute interview that I'm breaking down into five 7 minute chunks that you'll be able to get from a 5 day autoresponder series for free.
The interview was held by James Wedmore a couple of weeks ago that is basically covering the highlights of my info product I mentioned previously, which I'm super excited about, and should be available no later than the first of June. Hopefully sooner now that I've implemented the getting things done system that will help me better manage my time and provide more focused efforts on completing it in a timely manner. 
The mention of James Wedmore brings me to the final part of the title for this blog post which I'm sure you've all been wondering about and that's "getting girls". You see James recently had his first iPhone application approved by Apple and it's now available in the AppStore. It's called "PocketPUA: The 1st Mobile Pick-up Artist" application which was developed by my company.
I'm super excited about the release of this application because it brings some validity of my services to the table, and provides yet another resource for which my future clients can refer to when making a selection for an application developer.
My efforts are now being realized, and made official with this launch, and I'm super excited for what this has in store for my app development company App Ventures, LLC.
Oh that reminds me I recently registered that business and will now be offering application development services using that company name instead of Needham Logistics, LLC which brings to the table a more relevant business name for the industry I'm going to take by storm.
So until next time may your days be filled with joy, and if you ever have any questions as to the process of launching an iPhone application or need development services, please feel free to contact me anytime you need to.
Joshua Needham