Not much going on

25 Apr

Hello all,
Alright so it's been a couple of days since my last post, not much has happened but I've managed to get in front of a few more clients who are interested in developing iPhone applications so that's a good thing.
I've also been spending a lot of time working through building Drupal based websites, and I really enjoy the challenge. The real challenge at hand currently is dealing with my wife whom is sick a lot lately due to the pregnancy, I feel bad for her.
I think I'm a little unsympathetic to her current condition, but it's a bit frustrating when she doesn't want to do anything but lay in bed. Man I'm glad, as are most other men out there, that I don't have to go through that ordeal at least not the carrying part that is.
I have my own health conditions as well that cause me issues frequently so I should be more sympathetic and it's something I need to work on.;
We have been struggling financially for quite some time now, and I've also been looking for a job that will bring in a steady paycheck to get the bills paid whilst I'm building my development business.
I registered a brand new company with the IRS today and gave it the name App Ventures, LLC. I'm going to register it with the state as soon as I can close a project but right now I just can't afford to put out any more money. With monthly hosting fees nearing $50  month between Hostgator, and Media Temple I'm all but tapped out with regards to money going out for my online ventures.
I have a few great ideas, but my first iPhone application iSEO isn't doing quite as well as I had hoped, mainly due to my lack of marketing, and lack of funding for marketing really, so my main developer is a bit reluctant to work on any other projects unless they are paid client projects. I don't blame him, I haven't given him a dime for iSEO simply because I haven't yet received any payout from Apple.
With applications being sold in the app store you have to reach a set amount of $250 per currency of which there are 7 before they will wire any money for your sales. I've promised him all of the proceeds for the app as soon as I reach that amount. Collectively between the 7 different currencies we have reach that amount but not for an individual so until then his efforts are futile.
I met him via Twitter which as you probably know I am guilty of being addicted too, yeah I admit it which they say is the first step to recovery, but not in this case. LOL
I'm currently looking for folks to bring in more business, and serious people who are looking for application development, or who might be interested in putting up some venture capital to start building one of my many framework style application platforms that target several different markets include anyone who has any web presence at all.
I recently started trying to learn Ruby, but I'm very interested in becoming a master of Drupal, along with learning iPhone application development. So as you can see it's very important that I get more paying application development customers so I can justify spending the time learning all of my many endeavors.
This is my desperate plea for assistance in acquiring clients for application development. In fact I'm willing to offer up 10% of the total project costs for anyone who would like to refer business my way. I don't have some elaborate affiliate program or any ambitions or plans to pay an outside affiliate company to manage the referral program so if you want to refer people you'll just have to go on my word that I'll payout once I get signed contracts for work.
For iPhone or any other development projects I require 50% upfront to begin projects which means I would pay 5% of the total project cost upon contract acquisition. If you are interested please feel free to contact me and discuss the process.
Alright well enough of this here, it's time to go and work on getting some projects.
I appreciate your support, and thank you for reading my blog. Until the next post may your days be blessed.
Joshua Needham