Summers Gone

19 Oct

Well summer came and went but not without some highlights to go along with it that's for sure.


App Ventures, LLC had a very successful summer, and business is only getting better. We are currently working on our 13th app I believe, and the customers couldn't be happier with what we have produced.


We had a minor setback but the last couple of days have made it look like it's going to be a great outcome for sure. There is a major web property owner looking at purchasing one of our custom website/iphone app platforms and it's sure to be a great hit amongst the crowd it's going to target.


We recently went on vacation to San Diego, CA and it was nothing short of amazing. The weather was wonderful, and all the various parks we visited we also amazing. During our visit we were able to make it to Sea World to see the infamous Shamu show, we took on the San Diego Zoo although it took 2 days and a ton of walking we covered every inch, and we were also able to visit the Wild Animal Park which is not your average zoo park to say the least!


The ocean and beaches were amazing and the few sunsets we did catch on the beach were almost second to none. While away it happen to snow in Utah so although we wore flip flops and shorts when we headed out to San Diego, it was short lived when we had to return in pants and a coat.


Sorry for the long time in between post, but I'm so damn busy these days with building my business, making new business partnerships happen, and taking care of everything it's the best I can do at the moment.


We are looking forward to Parker Joshua Needham scheduled to arrive in this world on December 8th which means major house upgrades which include renovation of the kitchen, painting of the living room and Mickayl's bedroom, finishing up a long over due job in the bathroom, and oh yes our bedroom which requires removing the old closet rebuilding a new one and also texturing all the walls, ceiling, and painting.


With all that being said I guess I should get to work on something here.


Thanks for all of your support, and continued readership.



Joshua Needham