Welcome to my blog.

15 Apr

Until recently, I just didn't have a need for my name.com website. I began to realize that I need to brand my self and my company will follow so here it is.

I'm not really sure how updated I'm going to keep it, and as you can see at the moment it's not the most appealing theme, but that is part of the challenge I'm imposing upon my self in that I need to force myself to actually learn a few important aspects of the Drupal platform, and various aspects of multiple programming languages. I toyed with the idea of having a simple Rails blog, but decided against it for the moment for the simple fact that I need to learn far more about that language than any I deal with using Drupal so there you have it. 

I'll try and keep up to date with my post, and I plan on introducing my other posts from my multiple other site, and social media accounts via RSS. This alone is another reason I'm going to use Drupal for my platform as there are modules that have been created by the wonderful Drupal community and are readily available for download by anyone who wishes to use them.

Well there you have it, hope this brings some light to exactly what my plans are here, and I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Sincerely, Joshua Needham