What a FAST summer so far

18 Aug

Oh man has this summer flown by like a blink of an eye it's almost over. I've been super busy with App Ventures, LLC projects and completely missed posting something in July. This is not a bad thing but I sure hope to find the time to invest a bit more into posts here as this is my spot.


I am gearing up for a fast August, and September but I'm fearing it won't be fast enough as we are going to San Diego in late September for a vacation which will just be Shasta, Mickayl, and I for our first family vacation with just us and no other family members. It should be very fun. 


Business has been off the hook with leads coming in through iPhoneAppBids, word of mouth, and social media I'm definitely busy with work which is amazing to think I just started App Ventures back in May/June.


I'm looking at various ways to promote and distribute or present an info product I've been working on for several months on and off, which I'm really going to be gearing up to complete the product and get something going.


Well I'm taking time out from business which I need to get back to so I'll be back in much less time than previous posts I promise.



Joshua Needham


P.S. The "Dream Machine" arrived and I love it.